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Note: Some of the rules are different between the editions. These are the originals and the most common and are here just to give an idea of what the game is about.

Downloadable versions can be found in the Downloads Section

- Ages 8 and Up. For 2-4 players -


To become a rich Hotel Tycoon. Build Hotel, welcome guests and hope they stay so long that they go broke paying their bills!


1 - Place the Bank and Town Hall on their spaces on the board, and the hotels by the side of the game, together with the leisure facilities, entrances and Title Deeds.

2 - Choose one player to be banker and to look after the Title Deeds. He gives $12,000 to each player as follows:

1 x $5,000-notes       5 x $1,000-notes

3 x $500-notes          5 x $100-notes

3 - Each player chooses a car and places it on the" car park" starting space.

4 - Decide who will start; play continues clockwise.


The order of developing a hotel is as follows:

1 - Buy the land.

2 - Obtain planning permission (using special die).

3 - Put up the main building showing the hotel name (and any others if you so wish).

4 - Add hotel entrances after buying the main building, and /or apply for further planning permission and build extensions.

5 - Add facilities (no planning permission required).

6 - Buy more entrances, if required.


1 - Start

Choose your token and place it in the "Start" space

2 - The turn

On your turn, throw the standard die and move forward that number of spaces. Cars may not share spaces. If you land on an opponent's car, move ahead to the next free space.

3 - Buying Space


When you land on: a buying space you may, if you wish, buy the land adjacent to ONE of the sides of that space. Ask the Banker if you may see the Title Deed. If you decide on you can afford it, pay the "Cost of the Land" to the Bank and keep the Deed.

If the land is owned by an opponent, but no buildings are on it, you may buy it by paying the compulsory purchase price to the owner. The owner's consent is not needed. Then you take possession of the Title Deed.

4 - Building Hotels


When you land on any Build Space, and you own some land, you may want to put up one or more buildings on one of your properties. (Adding buildings will increase your property value). In order to put up a building(s), do the following:

First, Declare Your Plan: Announce what and where you want to build. If you can afford it, you may want to build more than one building on the same plot of land on that turn.

Each building must be built in the sequence shown on your Title Deed. For example, you must buy the main building before you can buy extension #1. (The main building is the one with the hotel name on it.)

Then Get Permission To Build: To obtain permission, roll the multicolored die. If you roll:

RED - Permission denied. Wait until you land on another Build Space to roll again.

GREEN - Permission granted. Pay the Bank the amount(s) shown on your Title Deed for the appropriate building(s) and put it (or them) on your gameboard property.

H - you can build free of charge!

2 - bad luck! Pay the Bank double the cost shown on the Title Deed.

You must build if permission is granted, even if you have to raise extra money to do so (see paragraph 12). When you have paid the sum required, place the appropriate building(s) on your land.

5 - Bank

Each time you pass the yellow line near the Bank, you collect $2,000. In a 3 or 4 player game, when only 2 players are left, they can no longer receive income when passing the bank

6 - Passing the town hall & adding entrance

Whenever you pass the yellow line near the Town Hall, you are entitled to buy one entrance for EACH of your hotels, providing that the main building in each case has already been put up. You may add as many entrances as you like to each hotel, but always observing the rule: one entrance per hotel per lap. Pay the cost of the entrance(s), as shown in your deeds, to the Bank and place it (or them) on the side of any space(s) bordering your hotel site(s). No two entrances, (whether yours or belonging to an opponent), may be placed facing each other on the same space.

Reserved spaces (only USA & CANADA 1987 edition): Your first entrance on any property must be placed on the Reserved Space. Each hotel complex has one road space reserved exclusively for an entrance to that property. A Reserved Space is designated by a star inside the rectangle.

Occasionally, you will land on a Build Space on the same turn that you pass the yellow "Buy An Entrance" line. When this happens, you could (with the proper die roll) build on any vacant land that you own and then add one entrance there on the same turn.

7 - One free entrance

When you land here, add one entrance to one of your hotels already under construction. This is in addition to entrances you may have added at the Town Hall. If there are no open gray rectangle bordering your hotel property, then you cannot build a free entrance.

8 - Build one phase free

When you land here, you may put up the main building on a vacant site that you own or add one building or leisure facility to one of your hotels under construction.

9 - Leisure facilities

When you have completely finished building a hotel, you may add its facilities on any subsequent turn. You do not need planning permission; simply pay the price to the Bank and install your facilities.

10 - Claiming payment from guests

When an opponent lands on a space carrying an entrance to your hotel, he must throw the standard die to decide how many nights he will stay. Depending on his throw, he must pay in accordance with the star rating your hotel has earned, as shown in the Title Deed. He then moves on as usual on his next turn.


Someone lands on a space carrying an entrance to the Royal, which you own. You have built the main building and two extensions and have therefore qualified for a three-star rating. Your opponent throw a four, so four nights at the three-star Royal will cost him $1,400 payable immediately.


It is up to you to keep your eyes open and claim payment when someone arrives at an entrance to your hotel. If the next player throws the die before you have requested the money, you must forfeit that income. Similarly, you must claim $2,000 from the Bank when you pass it, and the right to build entrance when you pass the Town Hall, before the next player throws the die, otherwise you lose the right to do so.

12 - Throwing a "6"

In this event, you may have another turn after completing any transactions applicable, including paying for any nights' accommodation.

13 - Auctions

If you are unable to pay your way, you must put one (or more, if necessary!) of your properties or plots of land up for auction. There is no reserve price and all players may bid. You must sell to the highest bidder. He receives the hotel (or land) as it stands, together with the Title Deed. You must immediately pay off as much of your debts you are able, even if it bankrupts you and therefore puts you out of the game. If you receive planning permission and find that you cannot afford it, and you decide to auction off that site, you do not, on selling, it, have to pay for the planning permission. The player who buys the site may then apply for permission on his own behalf when the opportunity arises. If you sell off a different site, however, to finance the new buildings, you must, of course, pay for the planning permission.

If no one offers the minimum bid, the Bank takes possesion and pays you the minimum price. When this happens, the hotel, buildings, facilities and entrances are then removed from the table. The bank-hel property, buildings and facilities are available for purchase again by any player as the game continues.

14 - When only two players are left

You are out of the game when you have no money, no land and no hotels left. When only two players are left in the game, they must live only by guests' payments and no longer receive income when passing the Bank.


The last player left in the game wins - he will by then have taken over all his opponents' hotels.


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